HP Launches New Detachable PC and ENVY Notebooks

 HP today announced its latest generation Pavilion x2, a new detachable designed to be a tablet first without compromising the notebook experience.


 HP also announced new ENVY notebooks that combine great battery life in a thinner, new curved design. Here’s more info:



HP Pavilion x2 takes the detachable PC category to a new level by merging the best of a super thin tablet with a notebook form factor. Designed for productivity and stability, the detachable PC uses an innovative magnetic hinge to easily transition from notebook to tent mode to stand mode.



HP ENVY 14 and 15.6 inch notebooks have longer battery life and a new curved profile with an elevated hinge design that looks great and offers better ergonomics for improved productivity. The ENVY notebooks are designed with authentic aluminum finishes and a backlit keyboard, Bang & Olufsen premium audio and high resolution displays. The 15 inch device offers optional discrete graphics.

HP ENVY 17.3 inch notebook is designed for customers who need the power of a large screen desktop in a portable form factor. The notebook offers Intel Core i7 processors and premium hardware options including discrete graphics and high resolution touch displays.



The HP Pavilion x2 is designed for productivity and optimized for entertainment. The latch less magnetic connector easily detaches and attaches the keyboard for a traditional notebook experience or to transform the device into a tablet for on the go, stand mode for watching movies and tent mode for playing games.

The Pavilion x2 is a colorful, thin and light device available in Blizzard White, Sunset Red and Turbo Silver. The tablet alone weighs 1.29 pounds and 2.48 pounds with the keyboard attached. The tablet is just 9.65 millimeters thin and 16.75 millimeters with the keyboard attached.

HP optimized the device to be stable to work great as a notebook. The 10 inch diagonal HD IPS display opens at a best in class angle of 135 degrees for a great viewing experience without tipping.

The HP Pavilion x2 features a USB Type-C connector to charge and power the device and enable data transfer over USB 2.0. The device also has a full-size USB 2.0 port to attach external devices without a dongle. The Pavilion x2 also includes a micro HDMI to connect to an external display or TV.

The HP Pavilion x2 gets up to 10.75 hours of battery life playing full HD video. The device includes a quad-core Intel Atom processor with up to 64 gigabytes of storage and a micro SD card reader to further expand storage.

The near full-sized keyboard has 1.5 millimeters of keyboard travel for easy and accurate typing, along with a large touchpad. Dual front facing speakers provide quality sound with B&O Play. Additionally, a front facing HP TrueVison HD Webcam provides clear video for online chatting experiences.

The HP Pavilion x2 comes with one year of Microsoft’s Office 365 Personal including 60 Skype premium minutes per month and one terabyte (TB) of Microsoft OneDrive Storage.


The 14 and 15.6 inch HP ENVY notebooks have a whole new look for 2015 showcasing elegant simplicity in a powerful package. HP ENVY notebooks have a curved profile and elevated lift hinge to give customers a more comfortable typing and viewing experience while promoting better air circulation under the device.

The HP ENVY notebooks support the latest processors to tackle demanding tasks without lag. On the 14 and 15.6 inch notebooks, customers have the choice of fifth generation Intel Core i5 and i7 processors. On the 15.6 inch, customers have the option of sixth generation AMD FX and A10 accelerated processors. Customers also have the option to select between NVidia GeForce 940M or GTX 950M discrete graphics, or AMD Radeon R7 or R6 graphics on 15.6 inch HP ENVY notebooks.

Customers will get plenty of storage with up to 2 TB with options for a hybrid hard drive and solid-state-disk (SSD) with up to16GB of memory on Intel devices. The 15.6 inch AMD version comes with up to 1 TB of storage with up to 8 GB of memory.

HP ENVY notebooks bring movies, photos and videos to life. The HP ENVY notebook is available in a 14 inch diagonal HD or Full HD non-touch display.(4,9) The 15.6 inch Intel notebook comes with a choice of HD, Full HD and Quad HD+ panel options with optional touch. HP ENVY notebooks with AMD accelerated processors are offered with HD touch or non-touch displays.

HP ENVY notebooks feature the ports customers need to make adding or connecting accessories easy. The 14 inch HP ENVY notebooks come with three USB 3.0 ports. The Intel version has four USB 3.0 ports while the 15.6 inch AMD version has three USB 3.0 ports and 1 USB 2.0 port. All 2015 HP ENVY notebooks include one USB 3.0 port that supports HP Sleep and Charge to charge a phone or tablet even when the computer is sleeping or off. Customers can select an optional optical disk drive on the 15.6 inch Intel version of the HP ENVY notebook.

The new 14 and 15.6 inch HP ENVY notebooks use prismatic batteries to give customers a thinner and lighter design with improved battery life when compared to previous models. While the 14 inch HP ENVY now has a 55.5 watt-hour battery, it is 3.7 millimeters slimmer than the previous version with up to 10.25 hours of battery life at only 4.28 pounds. The 15.6 inch Intel based HP ENVY notebook battery grew from 48 watt-hours to 55.5 watt-hours to extend battery life to up to 9.5 hours. The 15.6 inch AMD version now includes a 48 watt-hour battery to increase battery life to up to 7.5 hours. The overall weight is reduced by more than half a pound to 5.03 for the 15.6 inch HP ENVY notebooks.

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HP also announced a 17.3 inch HP ENVY notebook designed with premium materials and featuring enough power and performance for video editing or gaming on the go. At 6.22 pounds, the 17.3 inch HP ENVY notebook goes anywhere so customers can get work done, watch movies or play games from their couch, home office or kitchen.

The 17.3 inch HP ENVY notebook supports fifth generation Intel Core i7 processors and NVidia GeForce 940M or GTX 950M discrete graphics. Customers have the option of dual hard drives for up to 4TB of storage and choices of standard hard drives, hybrid hard drives or SSDs. Customers will enjoy great connectivity with four USB 3.0 ports, one with HP Sleep and Charge, a full-sized HDMI port, an RJ45 port and the option for a DVD or Blu-ray optical disk drive.

The 17.3 inch HP ENVY notebook now has up to 10 hours of battery with a 62 watt-hour battery. The 17.3 inch diagonal Full HD IPS display with optional touch creates amazing experiences for watching movies and playing games.

The 14, 15.6 and 17.3 inch HP ENVY notebooks all feature backlit keyboards to help customers stay productive in low-light environments. The 15.6 and 17.3 inch devices include a numeric keypad. On Intel based notebooks, a fingerprint reader and software help customers store and activate passwords with the swipe of a finger.

The Intel based HP ENVY notebooks feature Bang & Olufsen audio, quad speakers and subwoofers for premium sound reproduction with music and movies. The 15.6 inch AMD based ENVY Notebook has dual speakers and subwoofer. The dual array microphones and noise cancellation technology control background noise for customers to experience crisp, clear sound in their online chats.

Pricing and Availability

The HP Pavilion x2 is expected to be available on July 21, 2015 in the United States at www.hpshopping.com and Best Buy starting at $299.99.

HP ENVY Notebooks are expected to be available in July 2015 in the United States at www.hpshopping.com Select configurations on the 15.6 and 17.3 inch HP ENVY notebooks will be available in Best Buy on August 30 and July 5 respectively.

The 14 inch HP ENVY notebook starts at $699.99.
The 15.6 inch AMD and Intel HP ENVY notebooks start at $629.99 and $799.99 respectively.
The 17.3 inch HP ENVY notebook starts at $999.99

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