Microsoft Just Took Android’s Future Out Of Google’s Hands

With the announcement that Microsoft would partner with the truly open-source, Android-based Cyanogen OS to provide a bundled suite of apps, both companies made one thing very clear: Android’s not just for Google anymore.

The partnership, as detailed by Cyanogen yesterday, will allow the budding mobile OS to integrate Microsoft apps like Outlook, Office, Skype, Bing, OneDrive, and OneNote. The subtext here is that these apps can act as a replacement for the ones that Google appends to its Android releases, such as Gmail, Maps, Hangouts, and more.

Google’s obviously not the only company to preload phones on its platform with home-grown software; every iPhone comes with dozens of apps installed long before you ever power it on, and Windows Phone devices ship with plenty of Microsoft-made live tiles in place. But the increasing creep of apps you can’t uninstall, regardless of whether you want or need them—or if there are better alternatives out there—is one of the motivating forces behind the all-open-everything Cyanogen business model. For more info read the original article down below.

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